Welcome to Miss Vicky's

My name is Victoria Naday – Miss Vicky.
I am the founder and owner of this wonderful pre-school. I have two beautiful children of my own. I graduated from McGill University with a degree in Education specializing in early childhood. I worked and experienced other schools first before creating my school.

I have created a school where children love to learn and socialize in a warm, loving and creative environment. To be able to foster this, my role is to provide a positive and exciting work place for my staff. Their challenge is to create active and stimulating programs for their students.

Miss Vicky’s school is a happy and magical place. Our graduates from 20 years ago still remember the great times they had with us. Past and present parents always have a smile on their faces when reminiscing about their times with us.

We are proud to make a huge difference in the children’s growing years. I am also very honored to be part of their formative development years.